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PU CEES two-day international conference concludes
PU CEES two-day international conference concludes

LAHORE: (Wednesday, December 6, 2023): Punjab University College of Earth & Environmental Sciences (CEES) organized the closing ceremony of two-day 4th international conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences’. Minister for Higher Education Mansoor Qadir, CEES Principal Prof Dr Sajid Rashid Ahmed, President Lahore Chamber of Commerce Kashif Anwar, Vice Chancellors, deans of various faculties, researchers, academicians, faculty members and a large number of students were present. Dr Sajid Rashid said that steps are needed according to the new trends regarding climate change. He said that everyone talks about identifying the problems, but we have tried to present solutions to these problems in this conference and special research will be done by taking samples from three hundred places. He said that water samples would be taken from water filtration plants along with rural and urban. He said that three things including heavy metal, e-colai will be checked in the water and the report will be provided to the government. He said that soil pollution is a complex problem that needs to be addressed and sustainable remedial measures should be devised. He said that to control soil pollution, we have to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, promote afforestation, encourage community involvement and ensure proper waste disposal and use of organic fertilizers. Kashif Anwar said that industry and academia together can bring Pakistan out of crises. He said that educational institutions should promote research based on solving social problems.