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University of the Punjab

MA Political Science

Programme Overview
The Two years M.A Political Science Programme is designed to create awareness among students about various major approaches and theories of Political Science. This programme has been divided into four semesters. Different courses in four semesters will enrich the knowledge of students. Students would be able to evaluate critically different theoretical aspects of subjects. This programme will enable students to upgrade their knowledge in line with the international standards. The diverse fields of political Science will broaden the knowledge of students. In the last two semesters specialized subjects will be offered as optional courses which will open new avenues of critical thinking for students of this discipline.
Special Features and Objectives
The M.A in Political Science will educate and train students about various political systems and give them awareness about active political participation at local level, provincial level and national level. This programme will enable students to apply literature at societal level to understand nature of various social, political and economic issues. This programme will provide students knowledge at primary level as well as at advance stages about changing international environment.
Students will have an opportunity to go through various theories related to the functions of various institutions of state. They will develop their ability to make comparative analysis of various approaches and evolve a paradigm which can be best suitable for managing the affairs of their own state.  This programme will provide knowledge to students to polish their administrative capability which can be highly helpful for managing their professional life. This programme will give political consciousness to the students to understand political norms and their role as citizens of state. Students will have knowledge about role of political parties in the political system. This programme will give capability to students to participate in the political system effectively through proper utilization of their right to vote and the importance of vote.
This programme will provide an opportunity to students to conduct research on various  issues which can be important domestically and internationally. Students through their research can provide very practical suggestions to the policy makers to formulate policies to resolve sensitive issues in an organized way and strengthened the integrity of the country. Students will have a chance to enhance their confidence through participating in class discussion and this confidence can be very helpful in performing functioning at their professional place.

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