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BS 5th Semester Diplomacy & Strategic Studies (Self-Supporting)

Programme Overview
This two-year master programme rigorously examines the ever changing and evolving landscape of global politics and international relations with a focus on diplomacy and national strategies, both past and present.
The post-Cold War international system, the decline in Inter-state war and conflicts coupled with rapid changes in technology, necessitates the study of diplomacy and strategy in a methodological and rigorous manner.  With the rise of the digital age and social media, where national strategies and diplomatic exchanges between countries have evidently become more visible and transparent, there they are also increasingly being misperceived and misconstrued.  A through and a formal academic investigation into the problem is therefore the need of the hour.
This programme will help students develop and acquire the necessary skills to understand and critically evaluate issues of diplomacy and strategy in the modern world.  Students will learn to appreciate the dynamics behind all major geopolitical and geostrategic issues and will be made aware of all traditional and non-traditional security challenges.  Additionally, it will provide students with the historical basis for a greater appreciation and contextualization of today’s global problems.
Career Opportunities
Over the years, graduates from out programme have taken up careers in the Civil Services, Foreign Affairs and the Strategic Departments of Pakistan.  Additionally, this program opens the door to various other governmental jobs such as the Inter Services Intelligence, the Intelligence Bureau, the Federal Investigation Agency, the National Accountability Bureau and various other sensitive government organizations.  The program also provides the opportunity to work for various Non-governmental Organizations, media / journalism and think tanks across Pakistan and beyond.  Some students also treat this programme as a launching pad for pursuing higher studies later and potentially an academic career.

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