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University of the Punjab

Ph.D. Sociology (Morning / Replica)

The Ph.D. program has been launched in the year 2001. This is a structured program involving research and course work.
In total 72 credit hours are required to complete the PhD program, comprising 24 credits of course work and 48 credits of research/dissertation. The course work will consist of core and elective courses. The selection of elective courses will depend upon the student’s area of doctoral research.
A. Core Courses (4 credit hours each)
a. Philosophy of Social Sciences
b. Seminar in Research Methods
c. Advance seminar in Research Method
d. Seminar in Sociological Paradigms
e. Seminar in Sociology of Development
B. Elective Courses (4 credit hours each) presently being offered.
a. Seminar in Gender Studies
b. Seminar in Sociology of Health
c. Seminar in Pakistani Society and Culture
d. Seminar in Social Problems of Pakistan

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