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University of the Punjab

Ph.D. (Agriculture)

The Department of Mycology & Plant Pathology will undertake teaching and research programs leading to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mycology & Plant Pathology (MPPL) in addition to other academic activities.

Ph.D. degree program in MPPL shall be of a minimum two years’ duration after M.Sc. (Hons.) in MPPL or M.Phil. in related subject. The students will earn 48 credits through thesis based on a research project. The M.Sc. (Pass course) students shall be required to undertake additional courses of 24 credits.
Research Project 2 Years
1. Students may select Special Papers in consultation with their supervisor and with approval of DPCC.
2. After the completion of course work, each student will have to clear written and oral comprehensive examination.
3. Students will have to prepare synopsis and get it approved through relevant bodies.

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