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MPhil Management (Regular Program/Self-Supporting Afternoon Program)

Program Overview
MPhil Management is a graduate research degree program that aims to equip individuals with research knowledge and training and prepare them for the faculty or research positions in higher educational institutions as well as research organizations in the field of public and business administration. The MPhil program builds the capacity of the graduates for pursuing PhD in their respective fields of interest.
Program Structure
MPhil program comprises of four semesters. In semester 1 and 2, 24 credit hours of course work is offered, while in semester 3 and 4, research work of 6 credit hours is carried out. The minimum and maximum period for the completion of MPhil program is 1.5 to 4 years and any extension in the maximum period shall be subject to the approval of the competent authority.
Honors/ Awards/ Medals
IAS honors the first position holder(s) of MPhil program with a University Gold Medal.
Further Education & Career Prospects:
The students completing their MPhil degree are eligible to pursue PhD in the Institute of Administrative Sciences as well as other educational institutions in the country and abroad. They may also opt for the faculty or research positions not only in the higher educational institutions but also in the industry / private and public research organizations.

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