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University of the Punjab

Ph.D. International Relations

Doctorate in International Relations at the Department of Political Science is one of a handful of postgraduate/ research degrees offered in the discipline of IR across Pakistan. The objective of PhD program in IR is to contribute in bringing forward a new generation of scholars equipped with profound knowledge of discipline with an ability to advance scholarship in areas of their specialization. The vibrant research oriented environment assists students to generate a new knowledge in the field, critically analyze academic research and apply existing experience to add to the policy oriented research. The Department has particular strength in Political Theory, International Relations Theory, International Political Economy, and Security Studies. These broad and rich areas of IR discipline are further combined in the area specialization research led by the Department covering the US, China, Russia and Europe. The regional studies of Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Northeast and Southeast Asia also enrich the cluster of scholarship as the mode of research. The Department aims at providing a vibrant research environment for PhD students by including multiple areas of foreign policy analysis, nationalism, historical sociology and international environment politics in research.

The degree consists of teaching curriculum and research; the course work is followed by writing of a thesis. The teaching curriculum is a blend of theoretical, substantive and methodological streams to polish students’ research skills; deepen student’s knowledge of the discipline and to strengthen students’ skills as academic practitioners. The research environment is aimed at proficiency in terms of originality, significance and rigor.

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