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MS Human Resource Management (18 Years) (Regular & Self-Supporting)

Program Overview
The MS in Human Resource Management (HRM) aims to give students the knowledge, understanding and key skills required by today's HR professionals and to enable students to effectively contribute to dynamic organizations. The Human Resource Management function has become increasingly significant to business strategy and subsequent success. Activities such as recruitment, selection, retention, managing labour relations, training and career development are highly important to the financial performance of organisations. The MS in HRM has been designed to provide a combination of courses that will enable the professional development of future HR professionals. Learning will be achieved through lectures, set readings, exercises, case studies and presentations. The program caters to graduates who want to develop a career in human resource management, an area currently offering many opportunities to prospective. It is distinctive in being internationally oriented, and devotes attention to issues related to HRM theory, policy and practice
Program Structure
MS HRM is a two-year program. The maximum duration for completion is four years. However, the students exceeding two years will not be entitled to any facility normally available to regular students such as hostel accommodation, medical care and transportation. Students of self-supporting programs are not entitled to hostel accommodation.
The MS HRM degree will be awarded upon completion of coursework (24 credit hours) and research project (6 credit hours). Two additional specialization courses can be opted in lieu of thesis as per HEC policy.
Credit Hours
Core Courses 15
Specialized Courses 09
Research Project 06
Total Credit Hours 30
Further Education & Career Prospects
MS HRM offers interesting and challenging modules and options. It will suit graduates intending to work in HR, as well as those already working in the field and want to advance their careers. Building on the understanding of the theory and practice of HRM techniques, it provides a professionally focused and research-informed blend of academic and practical information, encouraging critical reflection on current HRM approaches. As a Human Resource Management postgraduate, you can look forward to excellent career prospects in managerial or organizational roles which focus on better management and development of human resources in an organization. MS HRM will prepare students for a wide range of potential positions across the human resource management functions. Roles may include: Career Advisor, HR Analyst, HR Advisor, HR Generalist, HR Manager, Recruitment Manager and Reward Analyst. Students will also learn to develop organization's talent, lead rapidly changing human resource environments, communicate effectively with other management professionals, and become a business partner on a global stage-beside being preferred for undertaking research and development activity in the field of HRM at university level in the country.

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