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PU 15 subjects in international ranking - Ranked 101-130 in religious studies, 101-150 in petroleum engineering
PU 15 subjects in international ranking - Ranked 101-130 in religious studies, 101-150 in petroleum engineering

LAHORE: (Wednesday, April 6, 2022): With inclusion of 2 more subjects, Punjab University has hit the new landmarks in the latest subject-wise positions of universities across the globe and its 15 subjects have been internationally ranked in the latest QS World Universities Rankings. Moreover, In the latest QS subject-wise international ranking, the newly-added subjects included theology, divinity, religious studies and engineering and technology, which had been ranked 101-130 and 451-500 respectively. PU also retained its position in the subject of petroleum engineering which has been ranked among the world’s top 101-150 institutions.
In a press statement, PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad has said that PU was never ranked subject-wise till 2017. However, he said, the administration introduced several reforms and for the first time, its 3 subjects were ranked in 2019, 5 subjects in 2020, 13 subjects in 2021 and now its 15 subjects have outshined in international subject-wise ranking. He said that PU has also improved its ranking in several subjects as compared to the previous year, which is an extraordinary achievement.
According to QS ranking data, PU has improved its subject-wise ranking as compared to 2021 rankings i.e. agriculture & forestry 251-300, previously 301-350, physics & astronomy 351-400, previously 401-450, natural sciences 401-450, previous 451-500, computer science and information system 451-500, previously 501-550, social sciences & management 451-500, previously 501-520, business & management studies 401-450, previously 451-500. PU retained its outstanding positions in other subjects including pharmacy and pharmacology 251-300, mathematics 401-450, environmental sciences 401-450, biological sciences 451-500, Chemistry 451-500 while it has been ranked 401-410 in chemical engineering.
Congratulating PU faculty members, employees and students, Prof Niaz said that Punjab University had secured this rare achievement in a journey of just four years as PU was not ranked till 2018. He said that improved its international ranking by 16 percent. He said that in 2018, PU secured 232nd position in QS Asian ranking while in 2021, it has been declared 145th university in Asia. He said that Nature Publishing had also declared Punjab University No 1 in natural sciences. Prof Niaz was of the view that the policies that were introduced and the initiatives that had been taken had brought fruit. He said that the university introduced the model of good governance, transparency and merit in its all operations which had reflected in an extra-ordinary improvement in the international ranking of the university. He said that all statutory bodies of the university had been made functional for the first time as per the requirement of the university calendar. He said that through the restructuring of the university, maximum opportunities had been provided by the administration to all senior faculty members and staff to excel and work for improvement in the international ranking of PU. He said that the university administration had also focused on resolving socio-economic issues through research.
He also appreciated the efforts of Chairman Ranking Committee Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood for his hard work for the improvement in the international ranking.