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First PhD Synopsis from PUCIT Approved
First PhD Synopsis from PUCIT Approved

LAHORE: (Friday, June 08, 2012): Laeeq Aslam, Assistant Professor, became the first PhD candidate in the history of the Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) to have his synopsis approved by Punjab University’s Advanced Studies and Research (ASRB). The title of the synopsis is “Cyclic Discrepancy in Graphs.” Dr. Sarmad Abbasi and Laeeq Aslam first introduced the concept of cycle discrepancy in 2009 in their article titled, “The Cycle Discrepancy of Three-Regular Graphs,” published in Graphs and Combinatorics. Mr Aslam will pursue his work under the supervision of Dr Shahzad Sarwar, Dr. Murtaza Yousaf, and Dr. Sarmad Abbasi. Currently, PUCIT has 11 PhD faculty members and 22 faculty members are pursuing their PhD degrees.