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Honor of MMG Department; Participation and Organization of FamilyCon 2017 (27th- 29th January) Lahore
Honor of MMG Department; Participation and Organization of FamilyCon 2017 (27th- 29th January) Lahore

Students and Teachers from Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics participated as part of organizing team in FamilyCon 2017, held on 27th - 29th January organized by Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) and Association of Family Physicians of Pakistan, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. Organizing team includes Research Officer Ms Maryam Fakhar, Ph.D Resaerch Scholars Ms Samman, Ms. Delaq Ayesha, Ms Somyyia, Ms.Ashba, Msc. Ms Haseeba, BS Ms. Ayesha Malik, Ms. Afifa, Ms. Maryia from the department played a very important and productive role in holding the event. Dr. Samreen Riaz (Invited speaker and Lead Oragniser from MMG) presented a talk on Therapeutic implication of Folate Homocysteine level in Diabetic Pakistani Population in one of the scientific sessions at conference. Students were assigned various responsibilities at the Conference including duties at Registration Desk, Management of the event, and Interviewing the Participants and Dignitaries. Efforts, vigilance and enthusiasm of the team from MMG Department was acknowledged and praised by Chief Organizers of the events. Posters presented by teachers and students secured all three positions at Scientific Research Poster Competition. Besides responsibilities students also participated in Lucky draw and won different prizes.
Poster Prize winners:
1st Prize: Dr. Nageen Hussain, Kainat Jehangir
Title: Association of ACE I/D polymorphism in Pakistani Cardiac Patients
2nd Prize: Dr. Samreen Riaz, Ayesha Malik, Afifa and Haseeba Yousaf
Title: Recent trends in Nanotechnology for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in Pakistan
3rd Prize: Dr. Saba Riaz, Nasira Munawar, Hasnain Sajjad, Maria Farooq
Title: TMPRSS6 rs855791 Polymorphism in Pakistani Patients of Iron deficiency Anaemia