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PU organizes int’l conference
PU organizes int’l conference

LAHORE: (Tuesday, June 15, 2021): The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Punjab, Lahore hosted its first International Virtual Conference, Emerging Trends in the Arts and Humanities. The conference, spread over two days, comprises 14 sessions, 89 research presentations. Nine eminent global scholars will be presenting their keynote speeches from USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK and Turkey.

Patron in Chief PU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmed Akhtar greatly encouraged this interdisciplinary endeavour. In the Inaugural session the Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Saleem Mazhar highlighted the significance of the Arts and Humanities in restoring a possible imbalance, caused by excessive exposure to science and technology in this day and age. The Advisory Committee members, Dean faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities & Conference Chair Prof Dr Amra Raza, Dr Anjum Sabri, Dr Mahboob Hussain, Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dr Sumera Jawad, Dr Muhammad Hameed, Dr Shamaila Dodhy, Mr. Shahid Mahmood Gul, Dr Zafar Iqbal Butt, Dr Saleha Nazeer and Imran Qureshi were present on the occasion.
In her welcome address, Dr Amra stated that progress in education and research is mostly evaluated in quantitative terms such as CGPAs, rankings, and research publications. This conference aims to highlight the qualitative contribution to human growth and progress achieved through the pursuit of disciplines such as Philosophy, Archaeology, History, English Studies, French, South Asian, and Pakistan Studies as well as Sports Education, and Fine Arts. She elaborated that these disciplines focus on Emotional Quotient (EQ) development, which is very significant in a world of war, instability, pandemics, conflict and strife. She said that the success of our children should not only be measurable in CGPAs or A grades, but in terms of the human values nurtured by our institutions. Unity must safeguard diversity, and tolerance must protect the minority. Thus, the Arts and Humanities can forge a mutual coexistence and a respect for the natural world.