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Cotton to strengthen Islamic countries’ economy: PU scientist
Cotton to strengthen Islamic countries’ economy: PU scientist

LAHORE: (Saturday, May 02, 2020): Punjab University Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology’s senior scientist Prof Dr Idrees Ahmad Nasir has said that new technology should be adopted to increase production of high quality cotton, which will play a very important role in strengthening the economy of member countries of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). He was addressing an online five-day international workshop as trainer/resource person organized by Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), a subsidiary organ of the OIC. The training course titled “Application of Advanced Technology for the Enhancement of Cotton Productivity” has been organized within the framework of SESRIC’s OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) for the benefit of the executives and experts from Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM) and Cotton Research and Seed Multiplication Centre of Namialo (CIMSAN). The course was based on synchronous learning and instruction approaches. SESRIC (OIC) Director General Mr. Nebil Dabur, IIAM Director Dr. Antonio Chamuene and a number of cotton experts participated in the workshop. Prof Dr Idrees Ahmad Nasir gave detailed lectures on enhancement of production of high quality cotton and suggested various measures to cope with various diseases damaging cotton production. He also highlighted importance of cotton crop for uplifting rural economy of the OIC member states by adopting modern innovations in the field. SESRIC Director General Mr Dabur said that the course was aimed at providing insights into increasing cotton productivity, usage of advanced technologies on cotton and effects of biotic and A-biotic stresses on cotton crop. He said the training course was designed in line with the virtual training solutions undertaken by SESRIC with a view to better serve utilization of the Centre’s training activities and its role as a knowledge exchange facilitator among the OIC member states. He said that the workshop has also provided participants with an opportunity to be better engaged and motivated during this time of global crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic. He appreciated the role of PU CEMB and efforts made by Dr. Idrees for his continuous efforts for the enhancement of cotton productivity in the OIC member countries through advanced trainings to cotton experts of the OIC member countries.