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MMG: One day Educational Trip to Botanical Garden
MMG: One day Educational Trip to Botanical Garden

4th May 2018: Field trips or small educational tours are important part of the curriculum. MMG department always organised study tours and field trips, both for educational and recreational purposes. Such trips are helpful for students in providing knowledge and in encouraging creativity. Student of BS 2 semester went to one day educational tour to study biodiversity of plants in the Botanical Garden University of the Punjab, Lahore on 4th May 2018. Dr. Samreen Riaz (Assistant Professor MMG) was accompanied the students. Dr Zahoor Ahmad Sajjid Assistant Professor Department of Botany guided the students about the flora of the garden. He enlightened that the garden has a large flora; thus, it inhabits almost all plants that can be grown in Pakistan and many plants that are not natives. For students, it was an ideal recreational tour as they got to learn all about our home plants. Most of the new information was interesting, thus helpful in memorising it. Also, they could learn a lot about the important medicinal plants and their practical usage, the materials and day-to-day objects that are obtained from then and their impact on our lives. Lastly, knowing that such variety of plants are being grown in our university, in the whole of Lahore, gave us a sense of pride and respect for our university. This trip surely proved to be helpful for this purpose. Other than this, the trip would provide an opportunity to gain practical knowledge through observation and exploration.