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Seminar on International Women’s Day - 8th March 2019 at IAS
Seminar on International Women’s Day - 8th March 2019 at IAS

Signifying the need for a gender balanced society, the Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) celebrated International Women’s Day on March 08 2019 with great enthusiasm to ensure commitment towards equity, diversity and inclusion. In this regard, a seminar was organized where eminent speakers were invited from different walks of life to share their perspectives. The theme of the seminar was kept on this year’s #Balance for Better. At the opening of the program, followed by recitation, Dr. Amani Moazzam invited highly inspirational woman, Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen – Director IAS who welcomed the guest speakers, students and faculty members and wished them all with the significance of the Women’s Day. Prof. Jabeen presented a meaningful talk on creating a society valuing all genders, women empowerment, constructive and positive roles that women can play in the society along with their cultural and social responsibilities in the specific context of Pakistan. She talked about the challenges of women at the workplace and how the environment can be made even more conducive to promote healthy and progressive learning & working environment. While addressing the audience, she highlighted not to forget the marginalized communities of the society and to include the third gender among us as a respectable member of the society. She stressed on the fact that such events and days are celebrated at the institute to spread awareness and to sensitize the public through dialogue and conversation. With her enlightening note, the panelists were introduced and invited to share their view points. Dr. Amani Moazam, moderator for the panel asked the panelists to share their insights about the women at workplace and related challenges of gender inclusive environments. Panelists included Dr. Nighat Ansari- Assistant Professor at IAS, Dr. Hassan Rasool – CEO Maxfoster Global, Co-Founder PR Next and the Career Buzz & faculty member at PIDE, Ms. Saba Muhammad – Public Policy expert and visiting faculty member at IAS and Ms. Sanam Sheikh – National Key Accounts Manager at Pepsi Cola International (snacks & beverages) and alumnus of IAS. The panelists shared their views on the need of celebrating women’s achievements, the gender balance required in the society and how this can help societies foster growth and improvement for all. Dr. Nighat Ansari pointed a very important aspect of balancing the workload among men and women not only at workplaces but at home sphere too. The idea was endorsed by many. Since the advent of more women in careers, the work life balance for woman has taken a new perspective where she is handling the household responsibilities along with the work at offices. Dr. Hassan Rasool brought the audience’s attention towards the spiritual aspect of being a man or a woman. He related his argument with the religious teachings to establish the fact that men and women both are part of each other and should respect each other’s existence. Ms. Saba Muhammad shared her research on the limitations bonded with women by various schools of thought since past several decades. She argued that the resolution lies in dialogue among genders and not in confrontation. Ms. Sanam Sheikh shared her journey of pride in her womanhood and conveyed a message to develop one’s own space and demeanor in order to move in society. The participants asked interesting & insightful questions to the panelists about workplace evolution. Institute’s alumni working at various sectors also joined to attend the seminar. The discussion was closed on a note of making a difference by accepting the differences and creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces as well as home space. A memorable group photo with the women’s day them of Balance was taken followed by presenting of flower bouquets to the worthy guests. Like every year, a cake cutting ceremony was organized to pay tribute to the women that have played a constructive role in the society at large. Faculty members and guests shared their expressions on the message wall that created festivity to the spirit of the Women’s Day 2019.