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University of the Punjab

Department of Urdu Encyclopedia of Islam

Under Process Projects
After the completion of first edition of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam, the Department is working on the following projects:
(1) The Supplements of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam
References of many articles and topics are given in the Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam but due to some reasons those topics couldn't find place in the first published edition. Besides this, many geographical, political, religious, etc. changes has been happened in the world, during the last 50 years. For example, when the second volume was published, there were no Bangladesh or Baronai and Bosnia. The States of Central Asia were a part of Soviet Union at that time. However, their geographical and political positions have been changed. Till 16th December 1971 Pakistan consisted of two parts (West and East) but now only West Pakistan of that time is Pakistan and East Pakistan of that time has been converted into Bangladesh. Thus, for incorporating new information and up to date the data, preparation of Takmala (supplements) and fascicules is a need of the time. Therefore the Administrative Board of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam has strongly recommended the project that the Department takes initiative to publish the supplements from time to time, as the same practice is going on in other encyclopaedias of the world. After the completion of all supplements, these materials will be incorporated in the revised edition of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam. Presently, the first two volumes of the supplement-I, has been published and work is going on to the third volume.
(2) Preparation of Index of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam
Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam is a very thick and bulky book of knowledge. It is not easy to get benefit of it at once. Some scholars (Pir Hisamul Uddin Rashdi, etc.) stressed and suggested that the Department have to prepare a comprehensive and complete index of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam so that one could easily consult and use it properly.
The Administrative Board of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam, P.U. considered it deeply and decided to prepare a detailed index, of the UEI having some special features as under:
Foreword: introduction of index of Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam; abbreviations; terminologies; relevant information; style; the vowel points, etc.
Name of persons (Alphabetically).
General subject index and the names of places.
Name of the books, which have been given in the Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam.
The list of Primary and Secondary sources.
Names of the writer's translators, revisers and other consultants.
Topic list
Future Projects:
The Department is going on to the following projects:
(1) Urdu Encyclopaedia of Quran
The work will be started on Urdu Encyclopaedia of Quran and with the approval of the Administrative Board and five volumes will be published as the Urdu Encyclopaedia of Quran, Leiden. Now a day, the topic list is under process.
(2) Urdu Encyclopaedia of Seerat
The Department has already published one volume on Seerat namely, Seerat-e-Khair-ul-Anaam which was highly appreciated by eminent scholars of our country and abroad. Some prominent scholars advised the Department that, it will take the initiative to prepare an Encyclopaedia of Seerat. So the Department is working on the …………. of the subject and on the topic list.
To upload Urdu Encyclopaedia of Islam and on Internet.
To produce its CD (compact disc) versions.

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