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PU zoologists visit national parks of Himalayas
PU zoologists visit national parks of Himalayas

LAHORE: (Friday, June 28, 2024): Punjab University Institute of Zoology’s Prof Dr Zulfiqar Ali, Prof Noor Khan, Dr Abdulla Shakir, Dr Muhammad Khan and students had visited two national parks Saiful Maluk National Park and Lulusar Dodipat National Park as wildlife protected areas located in mountainous regions of KPK. The purpose of the visit was to observe and study the unique ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation efforts in these areas. Dr Zulfiqar Ali delivered lectures to students on the importance of wildlife protection and environmental conservation. He said that due to the growing threats to nature like global warming, population expansion, habitat destruction and worldwide reduction of biological diversity, the national parks are now being considered as the ecological laboratories, gene pools and bulwarks against the irreversible change or the loss of species and hence, preserving the nature and ensuring the ecological health of the planet. He said that national parks are the ideal places for eco-tourism, tracking, bird and animal watch and nature photography. National parks with their lush green forest components neutralize the carbon emissions in the surrounding environments. The visit to national parks has provided valuable insights into the diverse ecosystems and conservation efforts in mountainous regions.