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PU library book club organizes introductory talk
PU library book club organizes introductory talk

LAHORE: (Saturday, March 23, 2024): Punjab University Library Book Club Event organized introductory talk on ‘Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions’ by Abdal Hakim Murad and ‘Khutbat-e-Multan’ by Maulana Mufti Abdul Khaliq Azad Rai. Department of Philosophy’s Assistant Professor Dr Muhammad Rasheed Arshad shed light on ‘Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions’. He said that the book consists of 100 pithy aphorisms, termed ‘contentions’, covering a diverse array of topics including ethics, cosmology, metaphysics, theology, law and history. PU Institute of English Studies Associate Professor Dr Shahzeb Khan explored the intricacies of ‘Khutbat-e-Multan’ a compilation of seven scholarly discourses presented by Mufti Shah Abdul Khaliq Azad Rai Poori. He discussed various topics such as the system of justice and politics in Islam, the economic system of Islam, the social aspects of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life and subsequently strengthened the beloved homeland based on factual evidence. Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani said that the event garnered significant interest, attracting a diverse audience of students, faculty members and intellectual enthusiasts. He thanked the guest speakers.