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PU Department of History organizes seminar
PU Department of History organizes seminar

LAHORE: (Saturday, March 23, 2024): Punjab University Department of History organized a seminar on ‘84 years of Lahore resolution, Muslim league, Quaid e Azam and demand for Pakistan’. On this occasion, Dean Faculty of Social sciences, Forman Christian College, University Lahore Dr Sikandar Hayat, Chairman Department of History Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain, faculty members and students were present. In his address, renowned historian Dr Sikandar shed light on challenges or criticisms faced by the Pakistan Resolution, such as concerns about the feasibility of creating separate Muslim-majority states and the implications for minority rights. He explained that we don’t prefer regional writers and prefer foreign authors instead. Clarifying the misconceptions of leftists on the topic of resolution of Pakistan, he talked about the dynamic and underrated role of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah regarding the independence movement. He reflected on the enduring legacy of the Pakistan Resolution in contemporary Pakistan and its continued relevance in shaping national identity and politics. Dr Mahboob Hussain thanked the scholars and participants. He said that we should work together for the betterment of Pakistan.