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Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP) (Regular)

The CCP offers ADCP f or Post - Graduate on and Pos t - Master's Psychology / Applied Psychology/ Behavioural Sciences students. This program includes in-depth supervised training in Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis and Psychotherapies. The trainees are also given practical exposure to deal with the clients both at the CCP and in hospital settings under the supervision of experienced Clinical Psychologists. It consists of 3 semesters with the subject’s professional Ethics and Legal Issues in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Assessment (Theory, Demonstration and Reporting), Therapeutic Interventions (BT, CBT, REBT, Family Therapy and Drug Rehabilitation), Psychopathology and Neuro-Psychopathology Psychopharmacology, Case Consultation and Clinical Internship covering 17 credit hours.

1020 hours of Clinical Supervised Internship under the supervision of a trained Clinical Psychologist in Hospital Settings. 765 hours of Client Consultation under the Supervision of a trained Clinical Psychologist and Weekly Case Conferences at Centre for Clinical Psychology.

Total Semester-I Credit Hours = 13
Total Semester-II Credit Hours = 2
Total Semester-III Credit Hours = 2
Total Credit Hours = 17

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