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University of the Punjab

MBIT (1 1/2 Years) (Regular)

This Program will be spread over 3 Semesters and a thesis / research project. Four courses will be offered every semester and there will be two Classes per course per week of 1½ hour duration each.
Assessment of Study Progress
Students’ progress is assessed by formal examinations, quizzes, cases, projects, and home assignments etc. There will be two compulsory examinations in each Semester for each course: Mid-Semester and Final Examination. The dates for these examinations are announced well in advance. Mid-Semester examination takes place during 9th week while the final examination is given at the conclusion of the course. In addition to these exams, semester work comprising quizzes, class work, home assignments, class presentation and class discussion if any and Semester papers is also carried out. The grades in the above examinations and session work are determined and given by the concerned instructors. If a student fails to appear in any examination, quiz or fails to submit the Semester paper/home assignment in time or is unable to give his presentation on due date, he/she will be awarded zero mark in respective examination/assignment etc.
Award of Degree
For the award of MBIT degree (via BBIT-Honors), a student must have:
Passed courses totaling at least “36” credits from the courses given below.
Obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher out of a maximum of 4.0.
Passed the Comprehensive Examination given after the completion of course work.
Has successfully completed the Thesis or Research Project of 6 credit hours
Fulfilled other requirements outlined in the rules & regulations section of the prospectus

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