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Syllabus for BS (5th to 8th Semester) BS Education

BS Education
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Philosophy of Education MCEd-301  
Learning Theories MCEd-302  
Curriculum Development MCEd-303  
Teaching Profession MCEd-304  
General Methods of Teaching MCEd-305  
School Management MCEd-306  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-005  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Islamic System of Education MCEd-307  
Educational Assessment MCEd-308  
Instructional Technology MCEd-309  
Research in Education MCEd-310  
Technical Writing and Presentation Skills MCEd-311  
Scouting (Practical Learning) PL-301  
Emergency Training (Practical Learning) PL-302  
Community Service (Practical Learning) PL-303  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-006  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
 Comparative Education MCEd-401  
Area Subject 1 MCEd-401  
Area Subject 2 MCEd-402  
School Observation & Microteaching PT-401  
Research Project/ Thesis Th-401  
Quran Translation QT-100  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Area Area Subject 3 MCEd-403  
Area Area Subject 4 MCEd-404  
Area Area Subject 5 MCEd-405  
 Practice Teaching PT-402  
Research Project/ Thesis TH-402  
Quran Translation QT-100  
Major Course (Specialization)(Choose any One Area with 05 courses)[CR-15]
Area 1: Curriculum
 Patterns of Curriculum MCEd-401Cu  
 Models of Curriculum MCEd-402Cu  
Curriculum Change & Innovation MCEd-403Cu   
 Curriculum Adaptation MCEd-404Cu  
Curriculum Evaluation MCEd-405Cu   
Area 2: Administration
 Educational Administration MCEd-401Ad  
Human Resource Management MCEd-402Ad   
Human Relations in School MCEd-403Ad   
Educational Law MCEd-404Ad   
Educational Planning & Financing MCEd-405Ad   


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