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Syllabus for BS (5th to 8th Semester) Commerce

Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Business Management BSC-301  
Business Research Methods BSC-302  
Financial Management BSC-303  
Principles of Marketing BSC-304  
Logical and Critical Thinking BSC-305  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-005  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-006  
Banking Laws and Practices BSC-311  
Electronic Commerce BSC-312  
Operations and Production Management BSC-313  
Managerial Accounting BSC-314  
Insurance and Risk Management BSC-315  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management BSC-401  
Islamic Principles of Business and Finance BSC-402  
Corporate Law BSC-403  
Elective I  BSC-404  
Elective II  BSC-405   
 Translation of Holy Quran HQ-007  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Global Business and Finance  BSC-411  
Professional Development  BSC-412  
Business Ethics and CSR  BSC-413  
Elective III * BSC-414  
Elective VI *  BSC-415  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-008  
*Students can choose 06 credit Research Project/Industrial Project/Independent Studies
instead of courses of specialization offered in 8th Semester based upon availability ofresources/faculty with the permission of Principal.
Proposed Specializations for BS Commerce
1. Accounting
i. Financial Reporting I
ii. Financial Reporting II
iii. Managerial Accounting Problems
iv. Performance Management
v. Public Sector Accounting
2. Finance
i. Financial Statement Analysis
ii. International Finance
iii. Financial Derivatives
iv. Advanced Risk Management
v. Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
vi. Advanced Financial Management
vii.Corporate Finance
viii. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
3. Banking
1. International Banking
2. Central Banking and International Banking
3. Consumer Banking
4. Islamic Banking and Finance
5. Marketing of Financial Services and Product Development
4. Marketing
1. Brand Management
2. Consumer Behaviour
3. Digital Marketing
4. Business To Business Marketing
5. Retail Marketing and Distribution Channels
6. Advertising and Promotion
7. Sales Management
8. Marketing Research Methods
9. Personal and Professional Development
10. International Marketing
11. Services Marketing
12. Marketing Issues in Pakistan
13. Social Media Marketing
14. Customer Relationship Marketing
15. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
16. Marketing in Emerging Markets
5. Microfinance
1. Introduction to Microfinance
2. Islamic Microfinance
3. Banking and Microfinance
4. Regulations and Supervision of MF
5. Microfinance and Poverty alleviation
6. Commercialization of Microfinance
7. MIS for Microfinance
8. Contemporary issues in Microfinance
9. Transformation of MFIs
10. Triangle of Microfinance
11. Financial ratio of the MFIs
12. The Theory and Practice of Microfinance
6. Leadership and Management
1. Labor Laws in Pakistan
2. Leadership and Motivation
3. Performance Management
4. Strategic Human Resource Management
5. Training and Development
7. Supply Chain Management
1. Global Supply Chain Management
2. Information Technology and SCM
3. Inventory Management
4. Logistic Management
5. Operation Research
6. Procurement Management
7. Production Management
8. Sales and Distribution Management
9. Supplier and Distributor Relationship Management
10. Supply Chain Management


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