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University of the Punjab

Syllabus for BS (5th to 8th Semester) Mathematics

Eligibility Criteria for admission in BS Mathematics 5th Semester

Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Real Analysis  MATH-301  
Group Theory-I MATH-302  
Complex Analysis- I MATH-303  
Vector and Tensor Analysis MATH-304  
Topology MATH-305  
Differential Geometry MATH-306  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-005  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-006  
Real Analysis-II MATH-307  
Rings and Vector Spaces MATH-308  
Complex Analysis-II MATH-309  
Mechanics MATH-310  
Functional Analysis-I MATH-311  
Ordinary Differential Equations MATH-312  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-007  
Set Theory MATH-401  
Partial Differential Equations  MATH-402  
Numerical Analysis-I MATH-403  
Any Three of the Following:
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Mathematical Statistics-I MATH-404  
Fortran Programming  MATH-405  
Group Theory-II MATH-406  
Ring Theory MATH-407  
Number Theory-I MATH-408  
Quantum Mechanics-I MATH-409  
Analytical Dynamics MATH-410  
Electromagnetic Theory-I MATH-411  
Operations Research-I MATH-412  
Theory of Approximation and Splines-I MATH-413  
Functional Analysis-II MATH-414  
Fluid Mechanics-I MATH-415  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Measure Theory and Lebesgue integration MATH-416  
Methods of Mathematical Physics MATH-417  
Numerical Analysis - II MATH-418  
Any Three of the Following:
Mathematical Statistics - II MATH-419  
Computer Applications MATH-420  
Group Theory - III MATH-421  
Theory Modules MATH-422  
Number Theory - III MATH-423  
Quantum Mechanics - II MATH-424  
Special Theory of Relativity MATH-425  
Electromagnatic Theory - II MATH-426  
Operations Research - II MATH-427  
Theory of Approximation and Splines - II MATH-428  
Functional Analysis - III MATH-429  
Fluid Mechanics - II MATH-430  


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