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Syllabus for BS (5th to 8th Semester) Special Education

Special Education
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Assistive Technologies for Special Children SEBS-358  
Foundations of Special Education SEBS-262  
School Community Collaboration SEBS-313  
Production of Resource Material SEBS-292  
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-005  
Area Optional - Select any one course from the list below
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Assessment Practices for Intellectual and Developmental Disability SEBS-265  
Curriculum Development in Physical Education SEBS-271  
Audiology and Hearing Disorders SEBS-277  
Etiology of Visual Impairment SEBS-280  
Intervention and Assessment of Learning Disabilities SEBS-340  
Assessment and Teaching Methods for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder SEBS-346  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Translation of Holy Quran HQ-006  
Teaching of Reading and Writing SEBS-247  
Language and Communication Disorders SEBS-231  
Inclusive Education SEBS-238  
Area Optional - Select any one course from the list below
Functional and Independent Living Skills for Children with IDD SEBS-295  
Management of Physical and Health Impairment SEBS-298  
Speech and Language Development SEBS-301  
Orientation and Mobility Skills for Visual Impairment SEBS-283  
Teaching -Learning Process of Learning Disabilities SEBS-349  
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Associated Conditions SEBS-352  
Area Optional - Select any one course from the list below
Behavior Management of Children with IDD SEBS-319  
Educational Adaptation for Children with Physical and Health Impairment SEBS-322  
Teaching of Children with Hearing Impairment SEBS-274  
Independent living Skills for Children with Visual Impairment SEBS-328  
Instructional and Management Strategies for Learning Disabilities SEBS-331  
Therapeutics Interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorder SEBS-334  


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