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Science and Engineering of James Webb Space Telescope (PU-Physics)
Science and Engineering of James Webb Space Telescope (PU-Physics)

Department of Physics, PU organized a lecture by Mansoor Ahmed, Emeritus member of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center USA, on 25th February, 2022 in the seminar room of the department.

Mansoor Ahmad served as Director Astrophysics Divisions as well as the Program Manager for the Physics of the Cosmos program and Cosmic Origins program at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Students, Faculty members and Alumni of the department attended the seminar. The topic of the seminar was "Science and Engineering of James Webb Space Telescope". The speaker discussed about James Webb Space Telescope. He gave an overview of the science goals of this great observatory, discussing how it will complement the already great discoveries achieved by Hubble Space Telescope and how JWST will extend boundaries of knowledge about our universe. The audience showed keen interest in the lecture. There was a question/answer session after the seminar.