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Welcome to the official page for the Alumni of Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. For quite some time, there has been a dire need to develop a forum where all the Appliedians could interact, communicate and share their valuable experiences with each other. Therefore, Institute of Applied Psychology has taken the initiative to develop and rekindle the association of its reverent Appliedians with their Alma mater.
Since its inception in 1962, the Institute has been a center for delivering quality higher education in the field of Psychology, from where thousands of students have graduated and are now serving in the public and private arenas of an omnifarious nature both at home and abroad. Starting from the clinical and hospital settings to the positions in the multinational corporations to the teaching and research fields to serving in armed forces. The Appliedians, everywhere, are applying the great knowledge their Alma matter has equipped them with. And we are so proud of all their achievements and accomplishments.
The mission of the Alumni Forum is to support and promote the interests of the Alumni through the creation of personal links, providing services to its members, maintaining connection and interaction among them.
The main objective of the Forum is to establish a long standing relationship between graduates and the Institute for mutual benefits.
Establishing Alumni forum will enable us:
To inculcate a sense of community and ownership of the Institute and University among the graduates.
To ensure a visible and affective Alumni presence on campus and off campus.
To represent Institute and the University both nationally and internationally.
To coordinate and provide support for Alumni activities in order to supplement and diversify the educational experiences of the Institute.
To encourage professional networking and support for the members of the Alumni Forum.
Assisting Institute in obtaining professional, human and financial resources required to fulfill its mission.
Potential Projects:
The alumni forum aims to:
To organize students-alumni meetings, seminars or group discussions, alumni get together and annual dinner etc.
To organize annual sports activities in which alumni and students' teams play sports in a friendly manner.
To develop community awareness about mental health issues, environment, patriotism, peace, quality of life and other ongoing issues through writing in news papers, appearing in talk shows, holding seminars, walks and workshops.
To organize public awareness events such as: Mental Health day; International women's day; Education and Health awareness activities and environmental day.
Moreover, Institute is also planning to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2012 and this auspicious event is incomplete without the alumnus of the Institute as their suggestions and presence will play an imperative role in developing a sense of Alumnus fraternity.
*Please fill registration form by providing complete information and send it to appsyalumniforum@gmail.com. or at Ms. Tahira Mubashir / Mr. Faiz Younas, Lecturer, Institute of Applied Psychology, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore 042- 99231235
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