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University of the Punjab


Lecture Rooms
There are seven lecture rooms equipped with computer, multimedia, air conditioning & heating facilities, white boards, soft boards and sound system. In view of the load shedding, computers and multimedia in each lecture roomare attached with UPS so that the teaching process does not get interrupted. The purchase of Generator is also underway .
Library of the Institute of Applied Psychology is among the largest libraries present in the subject of Psychology in Pakistan. It contains a collection of around twelve thousand books and journals. Collection of books include diverse fields of Psychology e.g. Clinical Psychology; Counseling Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Organizational Psychology; Educational Psychology; Social Psychology; Health Psychology; Peace Psychology; Positive Psychology; Forensic Psychology; Research Methods; History of Psychology; Neuropsychology; Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing. The Institutional library has vast and updated collection of handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books. One day in a week has been allocated for students from other institutions and departments. The library remains open from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. from Monday through Friday. Library facility is also available for users other than the Institute on Wednesdays.
Library has collection of latest journals including Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Neuroscience, Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology etc. In addition to the subscribed Journals, the Institute also receives numerous journals from home and abroad on exchange basis. Other important recourses for references are Institutional research theses of BS, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D students and Psychological Abstracts (published abstracts of students' research). Also available online at https://pu.edu.pk/images/Psychological Abstracts 2003-2009.pdf.
The Institute provides facility of online books and journals through (ELIN) electronic library information navigator (a facility provided by the HEC). A dedicated team under the leadership of a senior librarian works very efficiently to respond and cater the users' need.
Experimental Labs
The Institute has state of the art experimental laboratories which are regularly upgraded with latest Equipment and Apparatus.
Animal Lab
The Institute has an animal laboratory, the first of its kind in the country which provides opportunity to students to carry out pigeon experiments in the field of learning and conditioning. The students gain firsthand experience of demonstrating principles of operant conditioning on pigeons. The students learn to house, magazine train, conditioning through various schedules of reinforcement, generalization and extinction.
Human Experimental Lab
The human experimental lab is equipped with the latest apparatus to perform experiments on human memory, perception, learning, problem solving and other mental processes.
The planning is underway for establishing a computerized cognitive experimental lab where memory and language experiments will be carried out on computers as well as a behavioural observation lab equipped with one way mirror screen and video facilities along with a fully equipped neuropsychology lab, which will set a bench mark in the history of the Applied Psychology in Pakistan.
Testing Lab
The Institute of Applied Psychology takes pride in having the largest collection of international and indigenouspsychological tests and evaluative techniques and keeps on adding latest tests to its list. Use of psychological tests is strictly monitored and is in accordance with the international codes of ethics. The major collection of tests falls under the following categories:
• Intelligence Scales and Tests
• Aptitude Tests
• Personality Inventories and Tests
• Adjustment Tests
• Achievement Tests
• Art & Social Sciences Tests
• Diagnostic Tests
• Behaviour Checklists
• Language Tests
• Neuropsychological Tests
• Parental Stress Tests
• Family Relation Tests
• Interpersonal Problem Tests
• Self-Assessment Tests
• Reading Tests
• Cognitive Functioning Tests
• Executive Functioning Tests
• Memory Tests
• Vocational Test
Computer Labs
There was dire need of big computer lab which could house at least one hundered students at a time. The new computer lab was recently constructed with the fund provided by the the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran who recently inaugurated new computer lab. Computer lab is fully equipped with the latest computers, printers and multimedia. Computer facility is provided to students from all programs and caters students' academic and research needs. Space is also provided for the personal labptop users. Moreover, new server machine to back up a large number of computers has been purchased. Computer courses are integeral part of curriculum and focus is on basic computer skills including word processing, using spread sheet such as Excell, preparing presentation using Power point and also courses on quantitative data analysis using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and AMOS. In addition to internet facility through University server, Wi-Fi facility is also available to facilitate personal laptop users on the premises of the Institute.
Financial Assistance to Students
Financial aid in the form of fee concessions and lump sum grants are also available for deserving and needy students in addition to the merit scholarships for BS , M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D students. The broad categories of scholarships granted by the University are given below:
• Need Base scholarship
• Merit Base Scholarship
• Syeda Mubarka Begum Scholarship
• Bait ul-Maal scholarship
• All District Level Scholarships
The Student Advisory Committee is sensitized toward the students' hardships and provides facilitation to the students seeking financial assistance.

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