Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Hailey College of Commerce

Class Rooms and Labs
Class Rooms
The classrooms are fully equipped with the most modern facilities and teaching aids. Every classroom is fully air-conditioned, has false ceiling and a multimedia (costing over one hundred thousand rupees each).
Computer Labs
There are two computer labs with a total of one hundred & forty state-of-the-art computers. Most of the computers have a 1.2GHz P-IV machines with 256Mb RAM, 40GB hard drive and a 15” colour monitors. Computer Lab-A and Computer Lab-B each having 70 computers, are used to carry out labs associated with courses, which require use of computer applications / software; and thus are reserved during the class scheduled times.
Server Room
A fully equipped Server Room has been established to provide network and internet facility to entire college. The computer labs, library, classrooms, faculty rooms and the admin block have now been interconnected so that transfer of information can be speeded up. We have a total of 10 servers, each dealing in a specific task, such as; WEB, DNS, Proxy, Domain, ADC, Anti-virus, Tom Cat, DHCP, DHCP, and FTP. All these servers are configured in LINUX which provide better security and reliability.



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