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Training workshop on air pollution and environmental health issues
Training workshop on air pollution and environmental health issues

LAHORE: (Saturday, January 11, 2014): Punjab University Department of Zoology in collaboration with the British Council and WWF has organized a three-day workshop on “Novel Approaches to Monitor Air Pollution and Environmental Health Issues” at Al Razi Hall of Undergraduate Study Centre. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, the Link Coordinator Transnational Educational Grant (TNE-308) and Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Chairman Zoology Department University of the Punjab were among the organizers in which renowned experts and a large number of students participated while the instructors included Prof. Ian Colbeck from University of Essex-UK and Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Nasir from University College London-UK. The workshop and lectures have provided delegates with a valuable opportunity to learn about new discoveries and problems, exchange views, and develop plans for the future of aerosol science and technology. The programme explored a broad range of topics related to aerosol science. The topics encompassed the physical and chemical characteristics of aerosols and their impact on the environment and society in diverse areas such as climate, air quality, health, energy, and materials. The lectures and activities were related to the atmosphere, its composition and physical characteristics, indoor air quality in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities, Air Pollution, environmental health in built environments, health effects of air pollution, health care infection control – role of aerosol science and technology and nanoparticles: possible environmental impacts as chronic exposure to airborne fine particulate matter with is associated with adverse human and environmental health impacts including morbidity and mortality. The lecture series and the workshop also provided a venue for academics, researchers, scholars, and students, as well as representatives from the NGO and government sectors, to exchange research findings and new ideas on shifting roles in the 21st century of environment and technology in pursuit of sustainable development. The workshop had offered an interdisciplinary forum for participants to discuss the environmental health issues.

The certificate ceremony was attended by Vice Chancellor Prof. Mujahid Kamran and Mr. Richard Weyers, Director, British Council. The British Council director expressed his pleasure over the success of the link where 34 new courses on environmental health has been introduced and huge response and enrollment of students in the programme. He was also pleased with workshop participants, who highlighted different issues of the pollution in the country. Prof. Mujahid Kamran expressed gratitude to Prof. Ian Colbeck and Dr. Zaheer for their efforts to make it a great success in transnational education. It was first productive link sponsored by British Council in the Punjab University as Miss Khadija Aziz presented the report of the TNE-308 link.