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National Conference on "Challenges of Governance in Pakistan amid the COVID-19 Pandemic"
National Conference on "Challenges of Governance in Pakistan amid the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Department of Political Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore
July 7-8, 2021
Pakistan faced myriad of grievous governance challenges even before the COVID-19 pandemic, which are laid bare during the times of pandemic. Lessons emerging from the outbreak of disease across the world demonstrate that an effective governance structure is needed to cushion people against devastating impacts by taking necessary measures. In times of crisis, the state’s responsibility to provide political, social and economic goods and services to its people is accentuated even more.  The enormity of the situation brought about by the pandemic demands careful reflection on the nature and effectiveness of the governance in Pakistan beyond health sector. This conference aims at elevating the academic debate to identify contemporary intricate issues and ascertain related viable solutions to inform policy decisions.
Challenges of Covid-19: Economic, Political and Social
Governing the pandemic: Pakistan’s performance in Health sector
Transforming Global and Regional Political landscape and Pakistan
Challenges of E-governance
Covid-19 restrictions and societal constraints
Economic challenges and opportunities in Covid-19
Probable political, economic and social transformations
Diseases and medicalization of securities
Post Covid-19 economy and CPEC
Post Covid-19 world- A Way Forward
Vaccine Nationalism: Political and Economic Implications for Pakistan

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