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Resolution Passed in VCs Committee Meeting
Resolution Passed in VCs Committee Meeting

The Vice Chancellors Committee appreciated the release of funds by the government for the immediate requirements of universities in these difficult financial conditions. The vice chancellors unanimously feel that all policy commitments made by government for education must be held sacrosanct.  
This meeting resolves that the government must allocate a minimum of 4% of GDP for education in the next budget. This meeting notes that the global average of spending on education is 4.9% of GDP, and Pakistan rates among the lowest in the world in terms of the percentage of GDP spent on education (above Chad, Equatorial Guinea and Ecuador only.)  
The meeting resolves that higher education (HE) must stay as a federal subject. A well functioning central body is needed to develop, guide, and steer higher education. We, therefore, urge that HEC must continue in its current role, and its autonomy must be continuously protected.