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Software Development

The Software Development section of Information Technology Centre is actively participating in development of Software Systems of the University of the Punjab. The following Software Systems were developed, implemented and are being maintained by the I.T. Centre.
Complaint Management System (Ticketing System)
Developed software for IT center Staff to facilitate and automate the services provided by IT Centre regarding troubleshooting and any kind of computer related complains.
SIMS (Student Information Management System) Web + Desktop Base
Student information management system handles all the student sessional activities, road map designing, course registration, marks and grades assigning.
HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
This software includes the faculty information tracking for the DRA-I/DRA-II Administrative business function. This software is facilitating static and dynamic reports as follows:
1. Department wise reports
2. Faculty wise reports
3. PHD wise reports
4. Leave details reports
HMS (Hostel Management System)
Hostel Management System handles all the activities of hall council regarding issue rooms to student and get relieved rooms from student.
HCMS (Health Centre Management)
Health Centre Management System (HCMS) is developed to facilitate the process of Health Centre, including stock maintaining, keep track of issued medicines.
1. Multi Level Inventory System
2. Patient Entry System
3. Expire Medicine Alerts
4. Issuance from Dispensary reports
5. Medicine return reports
6. Daily issuance of medicine reports
MLIMS (Multilingual Library Information Management System)
MLIMS consist of following major module
  1. Union Catalogue (Central Data Base for Whole University )
  2. ACQUSITION: means books related details like classification of books, Accession No. and like other details.
  3. CIRCULATION: Issue / Return of books Membership and fine related issues.
  4. MEMBERSHIP: Registration of users in library.
  5. SEARCHING: Simple search and Binary Search. Simple search means only one criteria, binary search means more than one criteria's with "AND" option.
  6. DIGITAL OPAC: Digital On-line Public Access Cataloged. For searching of Library book to the students. URL
  7. Mark base software.
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• Mr. Zeeshan Malik (Incharge)
• Mr. Mashud

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