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University of the Punjab

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System is to register the complaints of the Punjab University (PU) Staff for PC &  Network Troubleshooting and process to solve them accordingly.
SMS (Services Management System) has been developed by IT-Centre to facilitate PU staff Members. PU Staff  Member can register complain online and can see its status as well. IT-Centre staff will look after registered  complains and solve accordingly.
How To: 
PU Staff Member can send his request of Complain from below link URL. (PU Premises)
Contact the IT-Centre with any technical queries or issues.
• Mr. Yassar Sajjad 
• Mr. Imran Rasheed
• Mr. Asrar ul Hassan
• Mr. Shahzad Saleem
• Mr. Samuel Iqbal
• Mr. Naveed Munir

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