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University of the Punjab

English (Linguistic)

English (Literature) Combination–I English (Linguistic) Combination–II    
BS (4 Years) English (Linguistic) Combination–II
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Islamiat/Ethics ISE-111 2019
English-I (Language in Use) ENG-111 2019
Computer (Introduction and Applications) COMP-111 2019
Introduction to Literature-I (History of English Literature-I) ENG-101 2019
Introduction to Linguistics-I ENG-102 2019
Fundamentals of Psychology APSY-111 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Pakistan Studies PST-111 2019
English-II (Academic Reading and Writing) ENG-112 2019
Introduction to Literature-II (Poetry and One Act Plays) ENG-103 2019
Introduction to Linguistics-II ENG-104 2019
Mass Communication BSCS-111 2019
International Relations IR-111 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
English-III (Advance Communication Skills) ENG-201 2019
Introduction to Literature-III (Fiction and Non-Fiction) ENG-202 2019
Introduction to Linguistics-III (Phonetics and English Phonology) ENG-203 2019
Entrepreneurship BBA-211 2019
Human Resource Management HR-211 2019
Introduction to Philosophy (Rev) PHIL-211A 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
English-IV (Advance Academic Reading and Writing) ENG-204 2019
Introduction to Literature-IV (History of Literature-II) ENG-205 2019
Introduction to Linguistics-IV (The Structure of English) ENG-206 2019
Citizenship Education (Human Rights) HR-213 2019
Introduction to Geography GEOG-211 2019
Introduction to Sociology SOC-211 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Semantics ENG-312 2019
Psycholinguistics ENG-313 2019
Sociolinguistics ENG-314 2019
Second Language Acquisition ENG-315 2019
Discourse Analysis ENG-316 2019
World Englishes ENG-322 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Pragmatics ENG-317 2019
Foundation Of Linguistic Thought ENG-318 2019
AnthrOpological Linguistics ENG-319 2019
Translation Studies ENG-320 2019
Stylistics ENG-321 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Pedagogical Grammar ENG-411 2019
TESOL 1- English Language Skills ENG-412 2019
Language And Gender ENG-413 2019
Language, Culture And Identity ENG-414 2019
Introduction to Research Methods in Applied Linguistics ENG-415 2019
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Language In Education ENG-416 2019
TESOL 11 - Syllabus And Materials Evaluation And Design ENG-417 2019
Multilingualism ENG-418 2019
Research and Projects In Applied Linguistics ENG-410 2019

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